Noot Drinks Co and Paramount Liquor have announced a new partnership through Paramount Liquor’s Connect program, which will see the nootropic beverages introduced to a wider audience and cemented as a key brand in existing non-alcoholic markets.

Co-founded by brothers Kieron and Christian Barton alongside business partner Gareth Whittle, Noot Drinks Co was formed after the team had sold distribution rights of Rekoderlig Cider in the US, UK and Australia, as a means of replicating the cocktail experience and associated ‘euphoria’ without alcohol consumption.

Commenting on the new partnership, which will complement the teams own experience and distribution networks, Kieron said: “We are incredibly excited about this journey with Paramount Connect. It marks a significant milestone in Noot’s journey to provide Australian consumers with a non-alcoholic alternative that truly stands out.

“This collaboration opens up exciting possibilities, and we look forward to introduced Noot to a wider audience and making it a household name.”

Adam Trewin, General Manager of Paramount Connect, added: “We are thrilled to partner with Noot Drinks Co on this exciting journey. Noot’s commitment to taste, innovation and consumer experience perfectly aligns with our mission at Paramount Connect. We aim to bring exceptional non-alcoholic options to customers, redefining the beverage landscape.”

While Noot Drinks Co has primarily focused on the Australian non-alcoholic market, which has experienced exceptional growth at a 72 per cent annual retail growth rate, the business has plans to expand into the United Kingdom, the Middle East and North America in the year ahead with Paramount Liquor’s support.

While the non-alcoholic landscape rapidly evolves in the US, with one in two people of legal drinking age having abstained from alcohol consumption in the last six months, Kieron explains how the US market influenced the development of Noot Drinks Co.

“Our goal, like Rekoderlig, was to disrupt the market with something new and exciting. During the pandemic, we were cutting down on drinking and in the cocktail space at the time, we found mediocre alcohol-free drinks full of sugar. We wanted better tasting, healthier options to give those cutting down on alcohol a drink to be proud of and one that delivers more.

“In the US, the nootropic and adaptogen waves were also beginning to rise, and could you blend the two? We got one of the world leaders in this space, Dr Kerry Hughes, a leading food scientist, alongside my brother, a former cocktail bartender, and over six months we perfected our blends, creating authentic cocktails that mimic the effects of alcohol without the downsides.

“The result is Noot, the ultimate game changer in the non-alcoholic space; sugar free, ten calories, vegan-friendly, gluten-free, all natural and multi-award winning. It’s a drink that sets a new standard.”

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