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The operators of community hub Paddington Bowling Club have been issued 40 breach of licence charges and conditions prohibiting the sale or supply of alcohol on outdoor areas including the greens. 

The NSW Trade and Investment report states the issue being investigated was “whether the quiet and good order of the neighbourhood of the licensed premises is being unduly disturbed”. 

The allegations of undue disturbance relate to both the manner in which the business is conducted and the behaviour of patrons leaving the Club.

Following receipt of the compliant, OLGR inspectors attended the Club on ANZAC Day 2014. The inspectors report concluded that “inadequate management created an unduly permissive environment conducive to patrons consuming more alcohol, conversing more loudly and displaying anti-social behaviour that was far beyond what could reasonably be expected”.

The report also identified observations of anti-social behaviour including “urinating in public view near the bowling greens and in the vicinity of the Club, and patrons leaving the Club yelling and swearing loudly”.

On 1 August 2014 the complaint was formally accepted and OLGR proposed the impositions of conditions on the licence including a prohibition on the sale or supply of alcohol on the Club’s bowling greens and outdoor areas.

In a decision handed down last month, the conditions imposed upon the license were indefinitely instated, effective of 14 April 2015.

Mark Paterson of the NSW Trade and Investment office said a certain level of disturbance should be expected from residents, however he believed the Club has created an entirely different environment to what is traditionally expected for social bowls.

“A condition restricting consumption of alcohol on the greens is likely to result in significant reduction in the level of disturbance from patron noise and I consider this an appropriate and proportionate regulatory response,” Paterson said.

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