Following up on an election promise, the NSW Government has taken action to ban external gambling-related signage.

Under the new legislation, external signage will not be able to use names such as VIP Room/Lounge, Golden Room/Lounge, Players’ Room/Lounge, or Prosperity Room/Lounge, or include images of dragons, coins or lightning.

“The NSW government is committed to introducing important gambling harm-minimisation measures,” said David Harris, NSW Minister for Gaming and Racing.

This follows the introduction of legislation banning clubs with pokies from donating to NSW political parties.

From next week, pubs and clubs will be formally notified that all external gambling-related signs will need to be removed, altered, or concealed before 1 September 2023. This will apply to all signage, including fixed unilluminated signs and digital video displays.

In its position paper, Liquor & Gaming NSW has outlined expectations for venues to remove all VIP room signage within the next three months, with an additional three months available for venues able to prove delays beyond their control.

The maximum penalty for displaying gambling-related signage after September 1 is 100 penalty units, or $11,000 per offence.

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