By Ian Neubauer

The NSW Food Authority has begun an investigation into the alleged contamination of ice cream served to a customer at the Coogee Bay Hotel (CBH) earlier this month.

Inspectors yesterday (October 28) spent hours interviewing staff and reviewing CCTV footage to uncover the source of the alleged contamination, and today confirmed the sample that has been stored in the complainant’s freezer since October 5 was faecal matter.

Inspectors must now await the results of DNA analysis that will be crosschecked against those of individuals involved in the matter — a step that has been welcomed by the CBH.

But NSW Food Authority spokesperson, Alan Valvsori, said the results might have little scientific or legal value in an evidentiary hearing.  

“Unfortunately it is very difficult because it is three weeks old. We don’t know what kind of treatment it has been subject to in this time,” Vasori said.

“The DNA test will tell us if the faeces came from a human or not and the sex. It is far more definitive but not conclusive because we don’t know where [the sample] has come from or who has interfered with it.” 

The CBH today released a statement saying it was keen to make CCTV footage of the incident public, but has been advised by inspectors not to release it at this time.

It added that media reports claiming restaurant manger Cherilyn Kennedy served the contaminated ice cream to the complainant and that executive chef Adam Wood resigned over the incident were false.  

Investigations are ongoing and the hotel has initiated contact with the police.

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