By Caitlin Burns & Triana O'Keefe, editor – Australian Hotelier

Smoking in any commercial outdoor dining area will be banned in New South Wales from July 6.

The Smoke Free Environment Act 2000 applies to any seated dining area, as well as spaces located within four metres of a dining area, restaurant or café or within ten metres of a food fair stall. 

Designated outdoor smoking areas are still permitted under this act so long as they adhere to specific requirements – including not being within four metres of the seated dining area. Correct and appropriate signage must be displayed while owners must also take reasonable measures to prevent any eating within the area.

It is possible this new ‘four metre law’ may affect designated smoking areas currently in place, so hospitality operators have been warned to ensure they are meeting all requirements to avoid an on-the-spot penalty of up to $5500. 

On the spot fines of $300 may also be issued to any individual found to be smoking in a commercial outdoor dining area from 6 July 2015.

Licensees and owners have been encouraged to contact NSW Health for more information and to order the relevant signage free of charge.

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  1. This outdoor smoking ban should be repealed. In addition, separate smoking rooms indoors should be allowed.

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