By Ian Neubauer

A spokesperson for NSW Police commissioner Andrew Scipione has contradicted a front-page news story that reports him saying he will shut pubs to counter alcohol-related violence.

“The headline is not correct as that was never conveyed in the interview,” said spokesperson Tony Ritchie of today’s (October 13) lead story in The Daily Telegraph titled ‘I Will Shut Pubs’.

“From my taking of notes, the body of the copy is accurate but he never said what’s written in the headline.”

In the story, commissioner Scipione expressed outrage with recent spikes in alcohol-related violence across the state, saying he was in favour of “anything that makes our community safer” and that the “drink to get drunk culture must stop”.

Ritchie confirmed the commissioner did not have the power to unilaterally shut pubs, but said police would get involved in areas where problems persist.

“Where there are problems we will get involved in legal issues, such as lockouts and earlier closing times,” he said, referring to the force’s role in formulating, implementing and policing new late-night trading restrictions in the coastal city
of Newcastle.

The Daily Telegraph was contacted for comment but did not respond before this story went online.

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