By Ian Neubauer

NSW Police launched the CCTV (closed circuit television) register at the HSBC Food Centre in Sydney yesterday to assist criminal investigations in the state.

Once registered, feed from CCTV systems will be placed on a secure, central database police will be able to readily access when a crime or incident occurs in an area.

“Once up and running, this register will be a crucial investigative tool for the state’s police officers,” said NSW Police assistant commissioner, Bob Waites. They will be able to quickly identify whether there is a CCTV system installed in or around the area where an offence has occurred and, if so, source the vision as part of their enquiries.

“CCTV is also a great crime prevention tool with criminals less likely to commit offences in areas being monitored by security cameras,” Waites said.

CCTV systems are widely used in licensed premises across NSW in accordance with harm minimisation stipulations contained within the outgoing Liquor Act.

CCTV coverage of licensed premises is not required by law in NSW. However, a spokesman for the Barrington Group, a security consultant to the AHA NSW, said this is likely to change in the near future. 

“It is not required by law though it is in the cards,” said Barringtons NSW corporate manager, Vince Valente.

NSW business owners can register details of their CCTV systems by clicking here.

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