By Clyde Mooney

The NSW Office of Liquor Gaming & Racing (OLGR) has released a comprehensive guide to help licensees deal with troublemakers. 

Announced just two days before Christmas, the guide – produced in consultation with industry – provides advice, case studies and other resources on subjects ranging from short-term bans to multi-venue exclusion orders. 

Minister for Hospitality, George Souris said the new resource will give licensees the information they need to effectively "send troublemakers packing" and keep their venues safe. 

"Patrons of licensed venues have a right to enjoy safe and responsible environments and should not have to put up with troublemakers who are intoxicated, violent, quarrelsome or disorderly," he said.

The guide explains how the various exclusion provisions work to help licensees deal with troublesome patrons who are disruptive, violent, intoxicated or fail to adhere to venue rules and policies, including the circumstances in which exclusions can and should be used.

"For serious repeat offenders, instructions are provided on how licensees can implement a multi-venue barring strategy through their local liquor accord and send a strong message to troublemakers: behave yourself or you’re barred from all the venues in your area."

ClubsNSW was quick to praise the development, reiterating that it has long advocated the sharing of information relating to people responsible for anti-social or violent incidents.  

"It has been incredibly frustrating for club managers to find out that a person who has caused trouble at their club has already been banned from a nearby club for similarly bad behaviour," said CEO Anthony Ball. 

"The ability to bar known troublemakers from their local licensed venues means we can target the small percentage of people who cause trouble, while making sure everyone else enjoys themselves." 

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