The Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) has partnered with the Sydney City Liquor Accord to launch a new campaign to venues and local residents work together to manage the effects and potential for increased noise complaints as the hospitality industry reopens.

After months of quiet residential areas are expected to experience a natural increase in sound levels as venues reopen with new operating conditions, which can include more alfresco models or opened windows for ventilation.

The Let’s Hear It campaign, calls on communities to support their local venues and engage with them directly on any issues that arise before pursuing assistance from their local council (rather than law enforcement assistance).

NTIA Chair Justine Baker said: “Sydney is returning to the vibrant cityscape we know and love ahead of what is set to be an incredible summer of celebration. Our local venues have been hard hit in the past two years and this campaign appeals to communities to be a part of the solution, to get the industry back together, help them trade again and be okay with the sounds that come with people moving and experiencing the city around them once again.”

“Many residents are not aware of the channels available to them when it comes to noise complaints and tend to call the police, where in fact Local Councils are far better placed to deal with the issue if needs be. Let’s Hear It is promoting an established industry best practice model that gives venues and their neighbours the reassurance that they will be heard and encourages them to sit down, mediate the issue themselves first, and in doing so build stronger community ties that benefit all involved.”

The campaign encourages a shared framework with a three-stage approach:

  • Let’s Say Hi: Venues are encouraged to proactively reach out and start a positive conversation with their residential neighbours.
  • Let’s Talk: In the event of any sound issues, residents are encouraged to approach their local venue directly so they can try to determine the source of the sound and work on a resolution together.
  • Let’s Reach Out: If a solution cannot be reached through self-mediation between the venue and local resident, they can then engage their Local Council and they will be able to assist.

Kenny Graham from the Mary’s Group said: “The pandemic brought us many things, one of the most positive was a rekindling of what community means to us. In my experience, venues want to try and work closely with their local community to live respectfully and harmoniously together – it is our job to ensure that we do that.

“This NTIA campaign is a great way to highlight the importance of these relationships and hopefully ignite conversation that will see our communities return in a positive and cohesive fashion.

“Having the support of the neighbourhood also allows us to go full steam ahead with the programming of live music, which will help to support the arts community who have also suffered greatly over the past couple of years. By working together with us, you’re supporting so much more than you might even be aware of.”

Sydney City Liquor Accord President Steven Speed added: “All stakeholders have had a tough couple of years and none of us need any further stress, so if this campaign brings us all together to resolve these types of issues, it’s only going to be a win, win situation for us all.

“The Let’s Hear It campaign really does open the door for managers and owners of licensed premises to create a working relationship with neighbouring residents and other businesses to resolve potential issues quickly and professionally.”

For more on the campaign, head to the NTIA website.

Andy Young

Andy joined Intermedia as Editor of The Shout in 2015, writing news on a daily basis and also writing features for National Liquor News. Now Managing Editor of both The Shout and Bars and Clubs.

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