By Andy Young

New Zealand wine exports reached a record high in 2014 and now stand at NZ$1.37 billion.

That represents an 8.2 per cent increase in exports, propelling wine to being the sixth biggest export good for New Zealand.

That record level has obviously been well received by the country's wine industry, which has also recently started its 2015 harvest. Good summer weather in New Zealand has meant the prospects for the 2015 vintage are positive.

Phillip Gregan, the CEO of New Zealand Winegrowers, said that while he expects the 2015 vintage will be smaller than last year, it is expected to be a high quality year.

Mr Gregan said: "The warm, dry summer of 2015 has been absolutely perfect for growing and ripening grapes. As we move into autumn the prospect is for an outstanding, albeit smaller, vintage in all our grape-growing regions."

Gregan added that although the 2015 vintage will be smaller, sales in the year ahead will be supported by retained stocks from vintage 2014.

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