By Ian Neuabuer

The NSW Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing (OLGR) has commended 48 ‘problem’ venues adhering to tough new conditions that include 2:00am lockouts and the controversial ’10-minute’ rule.

“The NSW Government recognises the efforts of the 48 licensed venues to comply with the special conditions which are designed to drive down alcohol-related violence and anti-social behaviour,” an OLGR spokesperson said.

While police and inspectors have detected 46 breaches of the conditions since they were introduced on Dec 1, the level of compliance had improved drastically in recent weeks, the spokesperson said.  

“Compliance levels have improved, with few breaches detected in the ensuing weeks. This is indicative of efforts by licensees to comply with the special conditions,” he said.

The spokesperson added that OLGR inspectors exercised discretion in enforcing the new rules and often gave venues the benefit of the doubt.

“For instance, on the first weekend, a venue allowed someone to enter a few minutes after 2:00am lockout and [the venue] was given a compliance notice instead of a fine,” he said, though refused to name the venue.

He added that authorities were also cracking down on drunk and unruly patrons.

“Patrons are warned that they will be targeted if they behave irresponsibly, with $550 on-the-spot fines for troublemakers refusing to leave a licensed venue when asked, or attempting to re-enter or remaining in the vicinity once ejected.”

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