Hospitality reservation platform OpenTable has joined forms with a string of Australian bars and restaurants to offer special, bookable, WorldPride events. 

The list of events takes in venues at Oxford Street and beyond, with Drag Bingo, special menus, and ‘Gay Brunch’ all on offer at the likes of the General Gordon, the Langham Sydney, and Potts Point Hotel. 

Drew Bowering, OpenTable’s Senior Director of Sales & Services, APAC, explained why advanced booking was vital for enjoying these events. 

“This is the first time Sydney is hosting WorldPride and our local community is undoubtedly excited. 

“With Sydney showing incredible support for the event, there is unsurprisingly  high demand for these experiences. Therefore booking in advance will be essential to ensure availability and avoiding the disappointment of missing out.”

Bowering explains how OpenTable’s partnership with these venues works. 

“We take pride in helping our restaurant partners reach wider audiences and are here to help facilitate the building of a relationship between diner and venue,” he says.

“We’re proud to support all our restaurant partners and highlight the unique and diverse experiences  they offer and WorldPride is no exception.”

OpenTable’s top tips

Bowering had some top tips for venues looking to attract trade during the WorldPride festivities:

  1. Welcome all guests with open arms: WorldPride brings people from all walks of life to your restaurants, hotels, and bars. It’s crucial to make all guests feel welcome, safe, and respected. Ensure that your staff is trained to provide the best possible customer service, regardless of a guest’s sexual orientation or gender identity.
  2. Embrace diversity and inclusion: WorldPride is a celebration of diversity, and your establishment should reflect that. Showcase your support for the LGBTQ+ community with rainbow flags, themed menu items, and special events. Remember that inclusivity isn’t just about surface-level decorations – it’s about creating an environment where everyone feels valued and appreciated.
  3.  Make reservations easy: With thousands of people flocking to your city for WorldPride, it’s essential to make the reservation process as straightforward as possible. Consider partnering with OpenTable to streamline the booking process and ensure that guests can secure their table at your establishment with ease.
  4. Highlight your LGBTQ+ friendly policies: If your restaurant or hotel has specific policies in place to support the LGBTQ+ community, make sure to highlight them. This could include things like gender-neutral restrooms, inclusive hiring practices, or donations to LGBTQ+ organisations. These policies can help guests feel more at ease and showcase your establishment’s commitment to inclusivity.
  5.  Have fun and be festive: Finally, remember that WorldPride is a time to celebrate! Let your hair down, embrace the festivities, and create a memorable experience for your guests. This could include special drinks, live music, or other themed events. By creating a fun and inclusive atmosphere, you’ll ensure that guests have a great time and leave with positive memories of your establishment.

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