What to look for in a POS System

By James Verlaque, National Sales Director for Vectron and Bepoz Point of Sale solutions

I’m often asked about the latest POS technologies available to the hospitality industry and what are the benefits that should be gained? The key thing that I suggest a hotel operator looks at is how it will improve their time management and increase their bottom line. At Bepoz and Vectron these are certainly the two major advantages that we offer the industry.

Today, advanced POS solutions like ours are more like an Enterprise resource-planning management tool with capabilities to collect, store, manage and even interpret data. With vital information gathering, businesses have the ability to better manage food and beverage stock control, pricing, marketing and promotions, and therefore improve the bottom line.

Features such as live alerts, advanced reporting and analytics give greater insight and clarity into how a business is operating, they provide the opportunity to be proactive and informed about decisions. Take, for instance, live alerts: if an invoice is entered and a price variance is detected the system can either accept the change (if within a pre-determined threshold) or the user can receive an SMS or email advising them of the situation. 

No longer is a POS solution a stand-alone tool. Its entire integrated capabilities are key factors to improving a venue’s operations, and this encompasses companies you are buying from. Looking at additional optimisations such as support, digital signage, paging, CCTV and third-party integrations are all part of our offering. Add these to our in-house POS modules – marketing, loyalty, promotions, vouchering, membership – and the management of your business just got a whole lot easier.

Take, for instance, CCTV. Over recent years Vectron and Bepoz have created the ability to visually track transactions with a POS-CCTV interface. This integration alone gives venue owners and operators a powerful search tool. It gives undisputable proof on discrepancies, eliminates potential fraud, is a great staff training tool, can be monitored remotely and now includes the option of data-mining. 

Data-mining is our time management tool for CCTV. Bepoz uses advanced fraud detection algorithms to search CCTV data. If a theft is identified, you have the option to deal with the issue in-house, or we can arrange a loss prevention specialist to further investigate the situation on your behalf.

Knowing the right technologies to assist with improving your business’ operations can be a minefield to navigate. My tip would be to improve your business operations by focusing on a solid POS solution that will improve cash flow, reduce costs and provide you with better management tools – this will ensure you see improvements in your profits.  Be sure to call us today on 1300 832 876.

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