At H&L, we’re all about integration – making your systems talk to each other to provide you with the right information when and where you want it.

Pager call systems supplied by H&L provide Restaurants/Cafes, Hotels, Bars and Bistro’s with a method of contacting customers when their meal is ready to collect, or their table has been prepared, calling Managers/Security to areas within the hotel, and for the Kitchen to page waiting staff when meals are ready. These can be Stand-alone solutions or integrated with your H&L Point of Sale.

By incorporating a desktop transmitter with coaster-style pagers, alpha-numeric pagers and waiter’s pagers venues can do away with the need for overhead paging – improving your ambience and adding to the satisfaction of your patrons.


  • Page Your Customers
  • Simple To Use
  • Enhance Your Ambience
  • Anti-Theft Feature
  • Durable and Cost-Efficient
  • Keep Overheads Low
  • Keep Customers Happy

The Pager system from H&L features a unique coaster style paging receiver. When a patron orders a meal, they receive a coaster and return to their seats. When their meal is ready for collection, a staff member simply types the patron’s coaster number into the small desktop transmitter and the patron’s coaster will light up, beep or vibrate to let them know that their meal is ready for collection. The coasters include an innovative ‘stack and charge’ design and an LCD screen providing a host of applications. Plus, they can be set to vibrate without making a sound, so your patrons will be notified without disturbing the ambience of an establishment.

Staff can easily contact Managers or Security from the POS touch screens. Messages from the POS can either be customised and up to 500 characters long or at the touch of a programmed button.
The pagers have 4 tone alerts, 4 melodies, vibrate and priority override

Kitchen staff can contact waiting staff at the touch of a button, no more ringing of bells or food going cold.

For more information on the benefits of Integrated Paging contact H&L Australia on 1800 241 946


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