By Bec Cotton – for National Liquor News

Tasmania’s Pagan Cider is set to add another flavour to its unique cider range this month, with the 2013 Pear Cider joining the ranks of its cherry and apple blend, Cerise and Rose, along with its Apple Cider.

Sourced locally in Tasmania from fourth-generation Huon Valley orchardists, Pagan’s premium whole-fruit ciders are made without any added sugar, in order to emphasise their natural fruit flavours.

The cidermakers carefully control the crushing, fermenting and blending process, eliminating unwanted oxidation of the juice and ensuring consistency in results.

Pagan Cider is gluten- and egg white-free and unpasteurised, to avoid any loss of flavour and diminishing of delicate fruit nuances that could result from heating the cider.

Pagan’s Pear Cider is made in a modern style, while one portion is barrel-fermented to add complexity and flavour.

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