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South Australia’s Pepperjack was recognised on the international stage this week when it picked up the gong for Best Design and Packaging at the Drinks Business Awards in London.

Widely regarded as one of Australia’s top food wines, Pepperjack took home the award for its Pepperjack Graded Collection, which showcases Shiraz made to perfectly pair with Scotch fillet and porterhouse cuts.

Leading design agency The Collective was briefed to design a label for the wine, which needed to tie in with the core Pepperjack brand but also showcase an individual look.

Pepperjack brand director George Samios said the Graded Collection label design has paved the way in terms of innovation in packaging for wine and was honoured to receive the prestigious award from Drinks Business

“The reception to the Pepperjack Graded Collection packaging has been overwhelmingly positive internally and from trade and consumers alike,” he said. 

“We continue to be impressed with the work of The Collective in coming up with creative and unique design solutions.” 

The Pepperjack Graded Collection is currently available at Salter’s Kitchen at Saltram Winery in the Barossa Valley, with plans to roll it out across the on-premise channel later in the year.

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