Tomorrow (Thursday June 16) will see 18,500 Pernod Ricard Employees worldwide step away from work to take part in local community projects.

Named ‘Responsib’ALL Day’, the occasion has been running since 2011, albeit with a break in 2020 and in 2021 due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. On the company website, Pernod Ricard describe ‘Responsib’ALL Day’ as seeking to ‘encourage the sharing of best practices as well as the implementation of concrete initiatives by gathering all Pernod Ricard employees for one day devoted to CSR [Corporate Social Responsibility] .’

In Australia and New Zealand, Pernod Ricard Winemakers has partnered with Landcare and Conservation Volunteers, with more than 1,000 employees taking part in nature and biodiversity focused activities.

Christian Campanella, Director of HR, Communications and S&R at Pernod Ricard Winemakers, explained the importance of the day.

“The health of our vines, the quality of the wines they produce, and the families they support, are all at the mercy of the ecosystems around us,” Campanella said.  

“That’s why it’s always been in our nature to protect and restore our environments, and it’s our responsibility as winemakers to care for our vines and protect them for future generations. We can see the impacts of changing climates and extreme weather events on our land, that’s why this is so important to us,” Campanella continued.

“Our priorities on environmental sustainability include managing our vineyards to local sustainability standards, encouraging biodiversity and exploring regenerative agriculture trials across 29 hectares in four unique terroirs.”

“Collectively these actions aim to build resilience in our soils to the impacts of changing climates.”

In total, 19 different initiatives will be undertaken close to Pernod offices or production sites across the ANZ region.

In the Barossa Valley, Pernod staff will be planting trees and native flora at the Kaiserstuhl Conversation Park, and in the company’s own vineyards at Rowland Flat and Barossa Bush Gardens, among other locations.

Close to the organisation’s Sydney offices, Pernod workers will be also be planting trees and helping to restore natural habitat at Upjohn Park, Boronia Park Reserve, Indigigrow Nursery and James Meehan Reserve.

Campanella also explained how ‘Responsib’ALL Day’ fits into Pernod Ricard’s wider sustainability commitments.

“Our approach to sustainability is guided by our global Good Times from a Good Place Sustainability and Responsibility Roadmap, which is underpinned by targets that reach across our business and partners throughout our value chain.

“An active network of more than 80 employees across the winemaking business worldwide champion sustainability within their areas of expertise to drive change and explore the most effective way to tackle our targets and lead sustainable change in the wine industry,” Campanella added.

Campanella also highlighted that collaboration would be key to achieving its targets: “It is important to note that our targets cannot be achieved alone, nor do we have all the answers at the moment, but it is critical for us to work together with our partners, growers and suppliers to sustain winemaking communities for future generations.”

“Responsib’ALL Day is part of our responsibility to support the communities in which we operate and it’s the key moment in the year we can raise awareness around our sustainability efforts with our teams, as well as help our employees contribute to local environments and communities directly.”

“Beyond this, it’s really a moment for celebration – or conviviality as we like to call it. It’s our 10th Responsib’ALL Day so we’ll be using the moment to come together, look back on what we have achieved so far on our sustainability roadmap, and inspire action that continues to drive us forward,” he concluded.

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