Independent seltzer-maker, Hard Fizz, has created a new advisory board, adding former CUB CEO Peter Filipovic and fellow CUB alumna Zoe Solomon.

Adam Francis, founder of sunscreen brand Sun Bum, has also joined the board, which has been created to oversee Hard Fizz’s growth in 2023.

Wade Tiller, CEO of Hard Fizz, explained why he decided to work with the three seasoned businesspeople.

“The three of them have some serious runs on the board when it comes to scaling brands so I’m rapt to have them working for Hard FIZZ.

“We still might only be an independent but for every other intent and purpose, we are a big player in the seltzer category.”

Since the brand’s launch in 2020, the company has sold 4.5 million cans, and generated $19m in retail sales value, ranging in around 3,200 stores Australia-wide.

Peter Filipovic

Filipovic, who worked at CUB for 25 years, also commented on his appointment.

“Hard FIZZ is on a steep trajectory and I’m thrilled to be joining its advisory board at this time,” he says.

“The brand’s number one objective in the coming years is growth and that’s where I believe my skill set can help it achieve that goal.

“It’s also a company with a strong sense of ‘family’ – where ambassadors such as Paul and Chloe Fisher and DJ Tigerlily have ownership of the brand – and that’s something I want to be part of.”

Zoe Solomon

His sentiments were echoed by Solomon (previously CUB general counsel) who said: “I’m excited to be joining Hard FIZZ at such an exciting time in its business journey.”

“The brand is already outrageously popular and that’s evidenced by its sales record. Hard FIZZ has some very ambitious goals in the coming years and I’m looking forward to playing my part in achieving those.”

Alex Francis

Perhaps the most surprising appointment is sunscreen guru Francis, whose Sun Bum brand was founded in 2010 in Florida, and has since become a global player in the space.

“I’m excited to share my experience with Hard FIZZ and help with strategy and direction,” he says.

“I have enormous confidence in its team and the opportunities that lay ahead for it as a brand, so I’m looking forward to scaling it into a category leader.”

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