By James Wells

Peter Lehmann Wines, one of the only Australian brands claiming growth in the European market, has released a wine called Layers which features a blend of five different wine varieties.

Layers, which is marketed as ‘intriguingly simple and beautifully complex’ features Gewurztraminer, Muscat, Semillon, Pinot Gris and Chardonnay and was well received by visitors at ProWein, according to Peter Lehmann vice-president, Hans Astrom.

“This wonderfully flavoursome wine perfectly complements a wide variety of seafood, white meats, salad and Asian inspired dishes,” said Astrom, who manages the Peter Lehmann international business in all markets outside of Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific from his office in Switzerland.

“Layers is a unique blend that delivers a highly enjoyable journey of discovery for the senses in each and every glass. From Gewurztraminer the delicate spice entwines the soft aromatics of Muscat. The florals of this variety envelop the lemony structured Semillon. Pinot Gris introduces texture and mouthfeel, finishing with white peaches on the palate from Chardonnay.”

Astrom claims Peter Lehmann is growing in both volume and value the European market, which is contrary to recent statistics which show Australian exports have suffered substantial double digit percentage declines in volume and value.

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