By James Atkinson

A Victorian business has been refused a liquor licence on the basis that it operates primarily as a petrol station.

Maffra Foodworks, located in Maffra, 220 kilometres east of Melbourne, comprises a supermarket, petrol station and takeaway food outlet.

The owners late last year applied to the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation (VCGLR) for a packaged liquor licence.

In ruling on the application late last month, VCGLR acting chairman Bruce Thompson said Victorian liquor licensing regulations prohibit the licensing of premises used primarily as a petrol station, milk bar, convenience store or mixed business.

However, he said the regulations also state that the Commission may grant a licence for such premises in a tourist area or an area with special needs and where there are not adequate existing facilities for the supply of liquor in the area.

"The Commission was not presented with any evidence… that may suggest that Maffra is a tourist area or an area with special needs that are currently not being adequately serviced," Thompson said, rejecting the application.

"The town of Maffra has two other packaged liquor licenses and three general liquor licences which are all licensed to supply packaged liquor off premises."

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