By James Atkinson

Pipsqueak Pear Cider was deleted earlier this year but the apple SKU will not follow suit, Lion has assured.

Lion spokeswoman Elise Gare told TheShout Pear expression of Pipsqueak – the cider brand established by Little Creatures – was discontinued following a review of the company’s cider portfolio.

“We sought to address a number of technical challenges and through the process found that we were not able to conquer these without compromising the flavour for Pipsqueak Pear,” she said.

“This was not an easy decision to make, but has allowed us to focus on growing Pipsqueak’s popular Apple Cider, and provide more scope for innovating in the cider category.”

“The Pipsqueak brand is here to stay. We are working on a long-term strategy for Pipsqueak Apple Cider however there are no plans currently to remove it from the market,” said Gare.

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