By Ian Neubauer

Prime Minister Rudd has refused to voice support for strategies put forward by the newly formed Alliance against Alcohol-Related Violence (AARV), saying the issues would be discussed at this weekend’s 2020 Summit in Canberra.

“I won’t go through an individual shopping list of possibilities now,” the Prime Minister said when asked for his response to AARV’s tough new proposals, including a tax that would penalise manufacturers of high-alcohol products and a reduction in the number of licensed premises.

“The reason we’re having this matter discussed at the 2020 Summit is that in terms of basic family wellbeing, community wellbeing, safety, this is a big question… Our responsibility it to debate properly all options which conceivably will work in turning this around.”

The Prime Minister added the government would “distill the wisdom” that arises from the summit to develop police responses in the future.

“I’m not interested in symbolic gestures of any description, I want to embrace measures which work,” he said.

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