By Triana O'Keefe, editor Australian Hotelier

Making good on an election promise, the NSW Government has substantially increased the cash withdrawal limits and the amount of money individuals can store on player accounts.

After a decision made last month, pokie players can now hold up to $5,000 in an account and the threshold for withdrawing cash funds has been increased to $5,000.

As it currently stands, players can only hold up to $200 in an account and can only receive up to $2,000 in cash from a single payout.

The concessions – due to begin from 3 July – are “hard to fathom” according to Monash University gambling researcher Charles Livingston who believes the only people who will benefit are those with “serious gambling issues”.

“In that case it will be dangerous, and in my view likely to exacerbate issues with problem gambling and lead to ‘chasing’ losses amongst those at risk,” Livingston said.

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