By Andrew Starke

The Police Association of NSW believes the Government’s three strikes policy doesn’t go far enough to reduce anti-social behaviour and alcohol-fuelled violence in venues across the state.

Police are outraged that hotels want the NSW Government to get rid of the violent venues list and said the three strikes policy will do nothing to prevent violence from occurring around licensed venues.

Police Association of NSW president, Scott Weber, said pubs and clubs should view the list as a way to help stop them from incurring any strikes in the first place.

“Contrary to what the liquor lobby groups say, the three strikes policy does nothing to reduce anti-social behaviour and alcohol-fuelled violence, unlike the violent pubs list,” he said.

“If a pub is on the violent venues list, it will be subject to restrictions. But if that same pub gets one strike against it, or even two, there are no rules that apply or penalties put in place.

“Surely reputable venues want to do the right thing, so why not have as many restrictions in place – that are proven to work – to prevent incurring a strike at all?”

According to Weber, more direct action is needed to stop serious incidents from happening in the first place.

“What the community wants is policies that work, such as lockouts, restrictions on the sale of alcohol and earlier pub closing times,” he said.

“The public are sick of seeing this Government so eager to kowtow to the liquor lobby groups.

”They’ve already cut the pokies tax, which will see $300 million handed back to clubs, despite the ‘billion-dollar black hole’ that is supposedly in the budget.

“Well the budget can’t be too bad if they can afford to give millions of dollars, which could instead be used to train more than 2,000 new police, to the clubs.

“It’s time for the Government to start protecting the community.”

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