By Annette Shailer

Police Commissioners across Australia and New Zealand are warning the public to behave responsibly and avoid the dangers of alcohol-related behaviour during this weekend’s ‘Operation Unite’ blitz against drunken violence.

Operation Unite will see thousands of additional police around Australia and New Zealand targeting unlawful and reckless behaviour tonight (Dec 17) and tomorrow (Dec 18).

NSW Police Commissioner, Andrew Scipione, is the Australasian spokesperson for Operation Unite and said that officers will be out in force this weekend.

“I am really fed up with the regular reports of senseless assaults, glassings and avoidable accidents that cross my desk because people can’t handle their alcohol and realise when they have had enough,” Commissioner Scipione said.

“My officers will do everything in their power to deal with this problem, but when it comes down to it, it is a matter of personal responsibility.

“If you drink yourself into a stupor, then you are asking for trouble,” the Commissioner said.

“There is a chance you could become a victim of violence or stagger into the path of traffic.”

The last phase of Operation Unite occurred September 10-11, resulting in 2432 arrests throughout Australasia.

“From that weekend in September, there are 737 people in NSW alone who can testify how one act of drunken stupidity led to their arrests,” Commissioner Scipione said.

NSW Police laid more than 1100 charges over that two-day blitz.

“Criminal convictions can have a dramatic effect on the rest of your lives, including loss of employment, public humiliation and reduced options for overseas travel,” said Commissioner Scipione.

“I have no sympathy for those who inflict violence on others, especially when they’re drunk, and then make all the excuses in the world as to why they should be treated leniently.”

The weekend crackdown will feature a host of specialist units to assist Local Area Commands, including the Mounted Police, the Marine Area Command, the Alcohol Licensing Enforcement Command (ALEC), the Public Order and Riot Squad (PORS), the Dog Squad, the Highway Patrol, the Commuter Crime Unit, the Operational Support Group and the Aviation Support Branch.

Former Australian Cricket Captain, Steve Waugh, has lent his support to Operation Unite.

To view his appeal, click here.


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