For years the Irish cream liqueur category has been waiting for a premium player to join the mix. A small team of innovative Irish set out to make a superior Irish cream and after many attempts, Coole Swan was born. 

Coole Swan begins with fresh dairy cream from the rich Irish farmlands. To this is added mouthwatering Belgian white chocolate, gently melted and folded into the fresh cream. This cream and chocolate blend is then complimented with a rich bitter-sweet cocoa and further enhanced with a complex but delicate infusion of Madagascan vanilla beans. This deliciously smooth and unique melt in the mouth blend is finally blended with soft, mellow, single-malt Irish whiskey.

Coole Swan’s three unique and quality ingredients set it apart from all other Cream Liqueurs – White Chocolate, Fresh Cream and Single Malt Irish Whiskey, on a top shelf level. Lovers of Cream Liqueurs will be sold.

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