By James Atkinson

Independent Brands Australia (IBA) liquor outlets have sold more than 100,000 cases of Summer Dry Lager since the ALM subsidiary launched the private label beer onto the market little more than a year ago, it was revealed yesterday.

At Metcash's half-yearly results presentation, Australian Liquor Marketers CEO Fergus Collins said the fledgling Summer Dry product had moved similar volumes to that of Lion's XXXX Summer Bright and Hahn Super Dry.

"That's been a really good uptake for the retailer and it's a very good margin story for the retailer as well," he said.

In his presentation to analysts, Collins stressed however that Metcash remains a "brand company".

"We want to support the key suppliers who support us, but it is important we do have that private label offer to support margin for the retailers and give them a point of difference."

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  1. Don’t know if you would call 100,000 cases a success. If you break it down that is in about 1800 customers. That works about each customer is only selling 1 case a week.

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