Carlsberg has chosen Australia to be one of the first markets globally to launch their Carlsberg Mid 3.5% beer.

The product has been in development for 6 months working closely with local distributor partner Premium Beverages and is being brewed out of South Australia under strict Carlsberg Denmark supervision.

“Carlsberg Mid 3.5% is light, easy drinking and refreshing. The all malt recipe and Carlsberg yeast strain give a balance between body and flavor, even with a lower alcohol making Carlsberg Mid-Strength the ideal choice” says Birgitte Funch, Master Brewer, Director LA&R.

Carlsberg Brand Manager for Premium Beverages Michal Evans remarked how important it is for Carlsberg, probably the best beer in the world, to be able to innovate and adapt to local market needs and trends.

“Australians are looking for products and brands that are ‘better for them’, and while there is currently a decline in the total beer market we are seeing significant growth in the mid strength category.”

“Carlsberg Mid 3.5% is one of the first times Carlsberg has produced a mid-strength version of their iconic Carlsberg beer. The product is designed to cater to Australians who enjoy premium beer and value the benefits of a lighter alcohol and low-carb beverage. Australians are looking for a lower alcohol, lower carbohydrate beer and we’re excited to launch a premium, refreshing mid-strength beer that taste great!" she said.

Jacob Anderson, Carlsberg Country Manager Australia, further states: “We are excited to be launching Carlsberg Mid 3.5% together with Premium Beverages  and are sure that it will be successful in growing the premium mid-strength category in Australia “.

Carlsberg Mid 3.5% is available in 330ml bottles nationally from March.

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