Having access to price offers is the most likely trigger to make Australians buy wine online, according to insights from research company Wine Intelligence.

Australians love a bargain so that comes as no surprise but in the US and UK, the convenience of shopping online ranks first while in Germany it’s about choice and range.

While wine has an advantage of being able to be purchased in advance of an event or need, having a fast delivery service isn’t as important as the other factors for Australians.

Domestically we are looking for special offers, best price guarantees and promotions to reduce the price of online buys.

However, in markets like China and Brazil which have a disproportionately high app usage, that changes. 

Wine Intelligence reported 82 per cent of those surveyed said the speed of delivery is a more important trigger in those markets, which may prove to be a warning for Australia should e-commerce apps become the norm.

“Speed of delivery may become a more important online purchasing lever as app usage rises across markets,” it reported.

Much analysis over the past few years showed traditional wineries were slow to invest in e-commerce despite cellar doors being closed to consumers.

With online shopping becoming the go to for many consumers during the pandemic both locally and abroad, according to Wine Intelligence one-third of regular wine drinkers in the US, Canada and Brazil do not currently buy online but are open to doing so, meaning even more buyers may shift online.

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