Distributor and wholesaler Proof Drinks Australia is anticipating year-on-year growth of 100 per cent for the next five years, following the announcement that the company has achieved $2 million in revenue within its first 12 months.

The company was founded in April 2021, can attribute its success to consumer interest in sustainable beverages, according to Craig Dearden, Proof Drinks Operations Director.

“Before launching Proof Drinks in Australia last year, we observed the rising trends in similar markets overseas, where we saw consumers opting for brands that put sustainability and authenticity at the forefront of their product values,” Dearden said.

“Knowing this, we predicted similar consumer trends to make their way onto Australian shores, so we focussed on onboarding and distributing brands we knew would align with these consumer desires.”

Proof Drinks has previously told The Shout that it expected sustainable spirits to grow in Australia, and it appears this prediction has been proved correct.

Luke Frost, Proof Drinks General Manager, shares the perspective of Dearden, saying that the revenue growth was a secondary ambition, after establishing and growing boutique producers in the market.

“While we’ve seen significant growth in revenue in the past 12 months, we aren’t focussed on this as our top priority, but rather, we want to champion brand growth, team growth and supporting smaller brands to build them in market.”

Having started with just one permanent team member, the company is poised to grow its team to 10 by the close of 2022.

“Because we’ve specifically heroed sustainable brands which has resulted in remarkable growth to date, Proof Drinks Australia will continue to build its repertoire of current and new brands that satisfy this consumer demand,” Frost added.

Moreover, Frost believes that the quality and novelty of company’s overseas brands have allowed Proof Drinks to occupy a particular space in the congested field of drinks distribution.

“The synergy of both our company as a new distributor, and international high-end brands such as Cazcabel Tequila, Silent Pool Gin, Kavka Vodka, and Mirabeau Gin that we were bringing to market, allowed us to grow together and gave us a unique position in market, whilst also establishing Proof Drinks Australia as a reliable distributor for exciting drinks brands.”

Dearden agrees, saying that “Australian consumers certainly tend to be explorative in nature and look to foreign flavour profiles and innovations when trying new products.”

Nevertheless, Proof Drinks has indicated that it will not be resting on its laurels, and is continuing to discover new products to bring to market, citing its latest additions, Wild-Arbor Cream Liqueur and Saigon Baigur Dry Gin.

Wild-Arbor Cream Liqueur is entirely plant-based, gluten free, and made with 95 per cent ethically sourced ingredients. Meanwhile, Saigon Baigur Dry Gin offers a ‘Vietnamese take on the classic dry gin’ using locally sourced botanicals.

“In terms of categories that present opportunities in the coming months, our aim will be to develop our offerings within the agave, rum, and gin categories as we expect continued interest in these spaces,” Dearden said.

Dearden also explains despite the fast growth of the company, Proof Drinks will maintain its emphasis on sustainable products.

“As Proof Drinks Australia works towards its five-year plan, we will continue to focus on brands that hero environmental conservation and offer consumers a vibrant tasting and cultural experience.”

“This is in our DNA,” Dearden concluded.

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