By Andy Young

Pub Payments, which provides a redemption platform to venues, has started rolling thousands of terminals across the country.

The terminals will be provided at no cost to participating venues and will allow on-premise redemptions for promotional partners. Initially the offering will enable consumers to redeem codes sent to them for beers including Tooheys, XXXX, James Squire, Little Creatures and more.

"The terminals do two things, they sell pre-paid vouchers, which includes companies Vodafone and Optus, so if someone’s at the pub and they run out of credit they can top at the bar, without having to go out to the local 7-11. The pub will then receive a commission on those purchases," said a spokesperson for Pub Payments.

“The terminals also offer redemption codes. Customers will be sent unique promotional codes to redeem in venues for complimentary and discounted products. The terminal then reads the code and prints out a receipt which the consumer can use for their free or discounted beer. The brewer pays the publican for the beer, the publican gets the benefit of the foot traffic, there’s no cost to the publican.”

“The key message though is that there is no cost to the pub, it is absolutely, categorically free to the pub. The terminals provide venues with a new revenue stream through selling a variety of prepaid products as well as promotional partners."

The Pub Payments terminals have started rolling out across the country this week and any venue interested in having one of the terminals should contact Pub Payments for more details.

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