The second annual Let it Pour campaign will take place on the weekend of October 25-27 and will see pubs and clubs across the country unite to help raise much-needed money to help farming communities facing ruin after years of drought.

Last year’s inaugural campaign raised more than $1m for drought relief, and following on from that Great Northern Brewing Company will donate 1000 beer kegs to hundreds of hotels and venues nationally to stage fundraisers over the weekend.

The 2019 campaign was officially launched last week by Outback adventurer and Great Northern Ambassador Matt Wright, who called on Australians to dig deep for their country cousins.

“People living in North Queensland know only too well the devastating effects of extreme weather events – be it drought or floods or cyclones,” Wright said. “This current drought is devastating rural and regional communities right across the country. Farms are de-stocking, businesses are shutting and families are hanging on by their fingernails.

“More than ever, we need to show that true-blue Aussie spirit of helping our mates and Let it Pour is a way for everyone to lend a hand. All you need to do is buy a beer and you’ll be helping a farmer.”

Great Northern’s Antonia Ciorciari said hundreds of hoteliers from every state and territory across Australia will be hosting events over the Let it Pour weekend.

“Great Northern was incredibly humbled by the passion and generosity of people who responded to the Let it Pour call last year,” Ciorciari said. “Not only did the events unite country and city communities for a common cause, but they also showed rural people affected by drought that they were not alone.

“Once again pubs and clubs across the country will host live bands, sausage sizzles, bale tossing and other great activities to raise much-needed funds for our battling bushies – it’s going to be a lot of fun and all in the name of a good cause.”

Ciorciari said Great Northern was born in regional Queensland and had a strong, loyal base of customers who lived in rural and regional parts of Australia.

“Let it Pour is our way to give back to some of the very people who have been our biggest supporters and we want them to know we are behind them,” she said. “Wherever you are in Australia on October 25 – 27, find your nearest pub or club hosting a Let it Pour event and raise your glass to their incredible resilience as we all wish for better times ahead for our farmers.”

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