By Clyde Mooney

Responding to the results of extensive research on consumer attitude to waste management, a global leader in the supply of foodservice products has released an industry kit called ‘Wise up on Waste’.

The initiative by Unilever Food Solutions (UFS) aims to provide commercial kitchens with practical processes and methods to reduce waste and increase profits.

Included are topics such as: the hidden cost of food waste, conducting a waste audit, information and guidelines for management and employees, menu assessment and forecasting, menu ideas for frequently wasted ingredients, staff training, purchasing and storage tips for longevity, and effective disposal and recycling.

UFS executive chef Mark Bayliss (pictured) told TheShout waste management is a neglected aspect of profitability.

"The global Unilever Food Solutions Wise Up on Waste toolkit will provide pub and club operators and chefs the tools to reduce wastage and increase their profit margins.

“The toolkit will help chefs identify areas in their kitchen operations where they can be smarter about waste, enabling them to continue to add value to their menus and generate extra revenue without the need of adding additional food cost.”

UFS is a massive multinational that since its establishment in the 1890s has had brands with a social mission at its core, with corporate responsibility underpinning its strategy.

The research found that 80 per cent of consumers believe commercial waste disposal should be responsible and sustainable, 86 per cent thought waste should be reduced, and 82 per cent support recyclable packaging and materials.

Half of respondents said they were prepared to pay more for meals in establishments with disposal schemes and a commitment to minimising waste.

Results come from the 500 Australians surveyed, as well as data from the United States, UK, China, Germany, Russia, Brazil, Turkey and New Zealand.

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