By James Atkinson

Publicans are tired of the major brewers over-complicating their tap contracts with rebates and other confusing mechanisms, according to the founder of a new Sydney-based beer brand.

Anton Szpitalak, director of contract brewing outfit Brewpack, last year said the company had no intention of launching its own beers.

But he has since revised this stance, telling TheShout the new Macarthur Grange Brewery brand was developed in response to overwhelming demand from publicans for a draught beer brand they could call their own.

"What they were really sensitive on was that they just wanted really simple terms," he said.

"They hated the fact that the majors kept playing tricks on them with rebates, because no one really knows how much they're paying for beer," said Szpitalak.

"All that kind of noise is just a distraction during negotiations."

Macarthur Grange Brewery's first beer is Stockade Premium Draught, "a highly sessionable, European-styled lager with a signature Australian finish".

Szpitalak said Stockade is already on tap at Sydney venues including Eden Bar in Martin Place, Twin Willows Hotel in Bass Hill, Watsons Bay Hotel, and the Hotel Steyne in Manly, with many more pubs set to follow. 

Once it has established a Sydney footprint, Szpitalak said the company will expand into other markets as well as offering its beers in packaged form. 

"We'd like to fancy ourselves as somebody who could be a really serious brewer here in Australia someday," he said.

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  1. Well said. there is no doubt the majors are terrified of the supermarkets in fact I would say scared of them. Prices cheaper in shops having to pay in 7 days and the majors in 90 days pubs and small operators pay the operating cost of the breweries until they get paid. Its a disgrace and to top it off the beer is rubbish
    Keep the fight to breweries we want people to stand up to them not kiss there feet.
    I reckon they are like rabbits in headlights

  2. If pubs want simple terms then perhaps they should talk to the many small, independent, Australian ownned craft breweries who are all trying to make an honest living. Our brewery’s price is what it is. No smoke and mirrors. In return, we offer quality and consistency.

  3. Small craft breweries are too often too expensive for the smaller groups or hotels. Well done Macarthur Grange for bringing us an affordable Australian solution 🙂

    Happy Publican

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