By Clyde Mooney – editor Australian Hotelier

The Australian Hotels Association (NSW) has reiterated its advice on dealing with armed robbery, in the wake of several recent incidents in Sydney.   

Following on from last year’s collaboration with Clubs NSW and NSW Police to launch the ‘Armed Robbery Prevention Kit’, AHA NSW director of policing John Green reminded operators to be prepared. 

“After a quiet period for hotels in the Sydney area, AHA NSW is concerned by an apparent recent spike in robberies and attempted armed robberies,” said Green, referring to police reports of incidents at Marrickville’s The Henson and a hotel/motel on the Hume Hwy at Bass Hill. 

"Given the recent hold-ups, it is timely for licensees and their staff to be reminded about what to do in the event of a holdup – remembering that their safety is paramount.”

The Henson owner Ray Reilly told TheShout that in the recent incident at his venue, a would-be bandit was unable to enter as managers had fulfilled the policy of immediately locking all doors at closing, which was 10.30pm due to it being a public holiday. 

The armed offender was unable to enter, and subsequently attempted to kick in the door of the bottleshop. 

“He caused a fair bit of damage to the frame of the door, but wasn’t able to get in. I’ve got a chippie here fixing it now,” said Reilly. 

The AHA’s literature on the subject includes information on prevention strategies and what to do during and after the robbery. It is available from the AHA NSW offices, or by clicking here.

The advice incorporates the following basic principles:

  • Follow the offender’s instructions at all times;
  • Don’t initiate conversation with the offender;
  • Stay calm and quiet and avoid any sudden or unexpected movements;
  • Don’t attempt to retaliate or attack the offender;
  • Avoid eye contact and show your hands; and
  • Don’t activate alarm system unless it is safe to do so.

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