By Annette Shailer

North Queensland tropical fruit winery, Moonlite Wine, is to export to the US targeting Jewish drinkers of kosher wine.

Located in Dimbulah in the state’s far north, the family-run winery is headed by Trevor Stephens, who said the new-age tropical wines appeal to a range of people, especially those looking for something different.

“We were mainly aiming to export the wine, which can be sold labelled with the kosher accreditation or without, as a tropical fruit wine,” he said, referring to a Rabbinical seal that confirms the product is made in accordance to Jewish dietary laws.

“The wines have already proved popular here in Australia with a great response at the Cairns Show, particularly for the Red Back wine.”  

The winery offers a diverse collection, including the Red Dragon Fruit wine, Moonlite Mango wine, Tahitian Lime wine, Lychee Passion wine and the Red Back — a blend of red dragon fruit and red hot chilli.

“The Red Back is something different and truly unique that is great served with spicy food,” Stephens said.



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