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QuizzaMe, the team who bring you Australia’s favourite Game Show Trivia events, have recently launched a range of themed trivia options, designed for venues looking to take their trivia offering to the next level.

With a wide range of events on offer, including Harry Potter, Disney, Elvis and Lord of the Rings, venues choose to host regular or one off themed events and attract a diverse range of new and existing patrons into their venue.

“We have taken our pub shows and cranked them up to 11,” said Quiz Master Paul Friedman, “the events are fully tailored to each theme and make the most of all the features of our game show product.”

Venue Managers can simply browse the upcoming schedule of events and identify themed events that they believe would be successful in their pub or club. The team at QuizzaMe will work with the venue to guarantee the success of the event.

“We’ve had venues who have sold out one themed event, so they put on a second show and sold that out too!” said Paul, “Attracting a couple of hundred people in venue on a traditionally quiet night and getting a lot of value from increased food and bev spend has been the highlight of themed events.”

QuizzaMe is delivered in full game show style, with professional Quiz Masters running the event these events feature NO pens or paper! Each team gets a wireless buzzer to answer multiple choice questions and with limited time to answer, no more Googling the answers.

Most themed events see players dressing in costume to try and win the Best Dressed Competition. Decorated rooms and tailored food and drink also help add to the success of the night. One savvy venue sold hundreds of Cosmo’s during their Sex and the City themed event!

By using QuizzaMe’s free online ticketing system, venues can get the event for free if they sell more than 80 tickets! This also allows players to purchase tickets with a credit card, and all player information can easily be given to venues to help with setting the room and allocating tables.

Even if you have a regular weekly trivia provider, QuizzaMe can still provide an ad-hoc themed event. Get in touch with the QuizzaMe Events team to book in your chosen theme before it sells out in your area!

Contact Quiz Master Paul Friedman on 1800 784 992 or email

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