By Annette Shailer

A report released yesterday (Mar 18) has called for a cutback in trading hours for pubs, clubs and bottleshops in Queensland, as well as increased policing and harsher penalties for offenders, to curb alcohol-related violence.

The Queensland Government’s Law, Justice and Safety Committee, released the report on its eight-month inquiry into alcohol-related violence.

The Committee’s proposals include weekday trading hours to be wound back to 2am in ‘entertainment precincts’ and 1am elsewhere, while on weekends venues can trade until 4am in ‘precincts’ and 3am elsewhere, with all premises subject to a 2am lockout.

Detached bottleshops would see their hours wound back to 10am to 9pm.

Law, Justice and Safety Committee chair, Barbara Stone MP, said that in making its recommendations the Committee had balanced the expectations of the community, the importance of the liquor industry both as an employer and to the economy, and the need for higher penalties and stronger enforcement.

“The Committee has considered more than 150 submissions, held four public hearings, and visited late night venues throughout the state,” she said.

The Committee also recommended mandatory use of tempered glass or polycarbonate after midnight in all venues other than those deemed to be ‘low-risk’, and the provision of water to patrons free of charge.

An increase in police resources and the availability of more transport and public toilets at late night trading times was also recommended.

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