By Andy Young

Think Spirits has recently managed to sell two bottles of very rare single malt whisky from The Dalmore Constellation Collection.

The first bottle, a 1976, was picked up by a private collector with help from David Logozzo of Kemps Creek Liquormaster. Only 231 bottles of the 1976 Dalmore have been released and this is one of the rarest single malts available in the Southern Hemisphere.

Logozzo told TheShout that the buyer, "Paul", is one of his biggest whisky collectors and a Dalmore fanatic.

"I've been buying Dalmore pretty much since Think Spirits got hold of it," Logozzo said. "Paul is my biggest whisky collector and anything he wants he'll ask me to chase it down for him. Then, when I got the price in the '76 I rang him up and told him. He was born in 1976 and he's just bought himself a Constellation truck, so it all managed to fit together nicely, so he just told me 'yes, order it and bring it in'."

Paul initially told TheShout that he would be saving the Dalmore for his daughter's wedding, although he did admit later "she's still little and she might not even get married, so I might give it a go sooner."

The nose of the 1976 is described by Dalmore as: "Creamy caramel, vanilla fudge and marzipan are interlaced with pineapple, tangerines, lemon cheesecake and sandalwood. These aromas are finally fused with rich praline, peach melba and ginger.

For the taste Dalmore says: "Bramley apples with peaches and cream, chewy toffee, kiwi fruits and macaroons open, before a final fanfare of Turkish delight, honeyed pears, freshly baked rye bread and marzipan."

The Dalmore Constellation Collection comprises 21 individual releases, which are bottled at natural cask strength. They are presented in hand-blown crystal decanters housed in a bespoke lacquered presentation cabinet. The bottles are then engraved by hand and adorned with a solid silver stag, the symbol of Dalmore.

As well as the 1976 for Logozzo and Paul, Think Spirits also sold a bottle of 1991 Dalmore to The Baxter Inn in Sydney. 

The 1991 was described by Anton Forte of the Swillhouse Group, which owns the Baxter, as having "lots of orange zest and a creamy mouth feel". He added that there was "lots of sherry character, it's smooth but with a good alcohol heat."

The Baxter Inn is selling the 1991 in its "Whisky room" for $740 a nip.

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