By Deborah Jackson, Editor, National Liquor News

A new range of premium wines packaged in flexible wine pouches has hit the market, in the form of Tote Wines.

The launch range includes a 2014 Barossa Valley Shiraz and a 2016 Eden Valley Sauvignon Blanc with a Barossa Valley Rosé set to launch in the coming months.

Tote Wines’ pouches have a shelf life of up to 12 months prior to opening and will keep the contents fresh for four weeks once opened. 

Tote Wines are vegan and vegetarian friendly and create a carbon footprint one fifth the size of a glass bottle during the manufacturing process. 

Jarrod Bryce, Founder of Tote Wines, said it is essentially all of the benefits of “the humble goon bag” but with a facelift.

“The humble ‘goon bag’ isn’t a new concept, but we’ve taken all the benefits of this classic Aussie invention (the fact that it’s flexible, lighter to carry, more affordable, has a reduced carbon footprint and that it keeps wine fresher for longer) and given it a facelift. We want to change the perception that premium wine can only be found in a glass bottle.”

He added: “We’ve conducted a number of blind tastings against high calibre wines, with positive results and with the launch of our first two products, we are poised to keep innovating to offer consumers a wider range of wines to enjoy in a unique way that suits their lifestyle.”

Each Tote Wines pouch is the equivalent of two bottles of wine and retail for $60 per two-pack with cartons of six and mixed cartons available for $179.70.

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