No trip to New York is complete without an afternoon/evening/late night exploring the Negroni menu at Dante.

Run by Aussie legend Naren Young, the West Village bar has more than a few gems on offer, including what really should be your new favourite modern classic cocktail: The Negroni Bianco.

Perfectly balanced and best made with gin from NYC itself, the Negroni Bianco is a visual feast – those delicate flowers really take it up a notch – as well as a damn tasty drink.

Try it yourself with Young’s exact recipe:



GLASS: Nick & Nora


30ml Brooklyn gin

15ml Alessio bianco vermouth

15ml Carpano dry vermouth

30ml Quinquina aperitif

2 dashes of lemon bitters

1 dash of verjus

METHOD: Stir on ice and strain

GARNISH: Lemon twist (discard) and a sprig of baby’s breath flowers


Photo credit: Steve Freihon

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