Moya’s Juniper Lounge is the latest addition to the Redfern small bar explosion. The “old world” cocktail bar joins the new iteration of the Angry Pirate – The Noble Hops – along with established venues, like Redfern Continental and The Bearded Tit, in making Redfern a new nighttime destination for Sydney drinkers.

According to Charlie Casben the focus of the bar is gin and classic cocktails collected from old recipes from the last 200 years.

“The idea wasn’t so much to be specific to any certain era or style, but to draw influence from different times and styles as gin evolved from the early 18th century when it was seen largely as the scourge of the lower classes to the introduction of the cocktail on the London scene in the early 20th century,” he says.


And with moody lighting, old world touches and drinks like the Charlie Chaplin (sloe gin, apricot brandy and lime juice, served straight up) and their own version of the Poet’s Dream (40ml Hendricks, 20ml dry vermouth and 10ml Benedictine, “dressed with” orange bitters), it certainly fits the bill.

There is also plenty on the menu for those that don’t fancy a bit of mother’s ruin.

“While focusing on gin cocktails it’s certainly not exclusive, we’ve got a bunch of craft beers local and international and international wine list with about 15 by the glass,” says Casben.

The bar is open Tuesday to Saturday 4-11pm.



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