The Redline breathalyser is a single-use self-test device which detects the volume of alcohol in a sample of breath and immediately provides a measurement against an indicator of 0.05% BAC (blood alcohol content).

Test results are only a guide to help users decide whether or not to drive following consumption of alcohol, and discretion should still be observed in interpreting and acting upon results. Redlines are a preliminary, non-evidentiary screening device – which means that results cannot be relied upon for legal evidence.

Redline is the only disposable device to be a Certified Product in accordance with the appropriate Australian Standard (AS-3547-1997, Type 1; License No. 2685). The minimum requirements of this Standard were developed by numerous authoritative organisations, including the Victorian and NSW Police, and the Department of Transport. It is also Certified in accordance with the French NF and German TUV standards, and has recently obtained approval from the US Food & Drug Administration for distribution throughout the US.

Redline is available in the retail markets of over 30 countries (primarily within Europe), and is also used as a preliminary alcohol screening device by the Paris Metropolitan Police and the French National Police (‘gendarmerie’), the police forces of Spain, Italy and Israel and others, and the French Government’s road safety body Sécurité Routière.

The Victorian Road Safety Act (Act no.127/1986) states that it is illegal to sell non-Australian Standards Approved breathalysers

In Australia, the current legal limit to drive is 0.05% BAC for light-motor vehicle full license holders. The Redline breathalyser is aimed at this target market as the device determines whether you are safe to drive by comparing against the 0.05% BAC level.

Redline has a Recommended Retail Price (RRP) of $8.99 per two-unit box pack and will be sold in mainstream grocery markets, convenience stores, service stations, liquor stores, pharmacies, etc. A single unit in a cellophane sleave (RRP $4.99) is to be launched into the on-premise market (pubs, clubs, hotels, restaurants, wine bars, entertainment and sport destinations, etc).

Redline breathalysers are hygienic, easy to use and small enough to fit perfectly into a handbag or pocket.

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