The hospitality industry, and the licensed hotel sector in particular, has proven innovative and nimble in the face of significant legislative, media and economic pressures. One of the key post-financial crisis learnings is that the best operators survive.

We have seen impressive innovation in the sector as leading operators seek to put distance between themselves and the competition.
As the standard of offering rises, reinvestment and regular venue updates have become crucial, especially for metropolitan areas. However, Ferrier Hodgson’s Morgan Kelly explains that reinvestment doesn’t just mean refurbishment.

“Spending on point of sale technology, social media campaigns, or new entertainment concepts are all keeping venues fresh and interesting, and drawing customers in. “

“No two venues are the same and specific factors related to the usage and competition vary – but in our experience – offerings should be refreshed every three years,” Kelly says.

“This keeps the offering current and appealing to customers, even if it is something as simple as investing in new payment technology or gaming machines.”

According to Arcon construction manager Rory O’Brian, “the best time to renovate is never”.

“No-one wants to deal with the interruption to business although they are well aware of the significant benefits that will flow from that interruption.”
However, O’Brien explains there is no choice but to make these changes or be left behind.

“The advent of small bars and micro-breweries in addition to the legislative changes to smoking laws has made it essential that the whole industry rethink the layout of their establishments and the services that they provide in these establishments,” he says.

“Experience has shown that the establishments designed with timeless natural materials, like timber and steel, avoiding the latest fads, will lead to the longevity of any renovations and makeovers undertaken and avoid date stamping the venue.”

“It is most important to ensure the structure and basic layout of each venue is built of timeless finishes making it easily adaptable. This will allow easy introduction of pop ups and minor modifications to implement the latest design trends and legislative changes with minimum impact.

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