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Music in a venue can be considered a backbone to the overall pub experience. While it does not directly involve the customer, it definitely provides a tone to the food, design and overall feel of the venue.

Recent research conducted by pub-data specialists CGA found pubs that provide music take on average 44 per cent more money than pubs without music, rising to 60 per cent more on the weekends.

The positive commercial influence of background music can clearly be seen, but it is important for publicans to ensure the music selection is appropriate for their clientele.

Managers used to have to compromise between using a high priced DJ to create a dynamic atmosphere or a more economical option of a pre-set playlist that might or might not suit a venue. Even then it was difficult to do two jobs at once, of attending the customers and managing the music.

Manage My Nightlife is a mobile app that makes it possible to have the best of both worlds. The app allows managers to adjust their music without leaving the venue floor. Manage My Nightlife has already been adopted by some of Australia’s leading operators with positive feedback from clients.

“Pub managers are busy people and this lets them stay across their business wherever they are and make the changes they need to on the spot,” says Nightlife Music CEO, Tina Smith-Roberts.

Visual Sounds Australia is another music system that is currently on the market and is being used by venues across USA, Europe and New Zealand. Using the Edge Music and Marketing system, the platform automatically updates music that is downloaded and populates your playlists at the same time.

“Being online means you can remotely control the system from anywhere in the world,” said owner Wendy Small.

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