Retail Drinks Australia has hosted its first ever Northern Territory Regional Briefing this week, with the Chief Minister’s Alcohol Review Implementation Team Executive Director Giovina D’Alessandro and Deputy Opposition Leader Lia Finocchiaro in attendance.

With the briefing including a high-level discussion on the current issues affecting the retail liquor industry in the NT, Retails Drinks CEO Julie Ryan said it was a good opportunity for retailers to express their concerns regarding the impacts of the recently released draft of the Liquor Bill 2019 and final risk-based licensing framework.

“The briefing gave Retail Drinks members the opportunity to learn about the issues with the current Liquor Bill draft and final risk-based licensing framework, and to provide us with their feedback directly,” Ryan said.

“A lot of work has been done over the last year to generate the balance of collaboration, but respect, necessary to be a genuine influence on the outcomes of the proposed new legislation.

“The presence of the Chief Minister’s ARIT Executive Director, and the opposition, is a testament to the level of positive collaboration that has been developed with all sides of government.

“That collaboration led to Retail Drinks playing a part first hand in achieving a more balanced outcome on several aspects of the regulation already, and we are looking forward to consulting with the NT Government to ensure that the concerns of liquor retailers across the NT are reflected in the final version of the Bill and risk-based licensing framework adopted.”

Retail Drinks has written two comprehensive and detailed submissions both on the draft Bill and final risk-based licensing framework, outlining its concerns and recommended improvements to better achieve the desired policy outcomes without inappropriately penalising compliant and responsible retailers.

“We remain hopeful that the NT Government, through constructive and meaningful consultation with retailers, will make the necessary improvements and amendments to the Bill and risk-based licensing framework to bring them into line with the Government’s overarching objectives and jurisdiction,” Ryan added.

Andy Young

Andy joined Intermedia as Editor of The Shout in 2015, writing news on a daily basis and also writing features for National Liquor News. Now Managing Editor of both The Shout and Bars and Clubs.

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