Retail Drinks Australia welcomed the formation of a new global alliance that will soon release the global standards on responsible online liquor retailing. Retail Drinks first established the standards of responsibility around online delivery through its landmark Online Alcohol Sale and Delivery Code of Conduct.

Endeavour Group joined the alliance last week. Rounding out a group of 12 leading global beer, wine, and spirits producers that form the International Alliance for Responsible Drinking. Many of the participants in the IARD alliance are existing signatories to the Retail Drinks Code.

The Code was first launched in July 2019 as a major catalyst for the development of similar standards at a global level.

Retail Drinks CEO Michael Waters said: “Retail Drinks’ Online Alcohol Sale and Delivery Code is a truly world-leading document, and we are immensely proud to have led efforts in promoting responsibility in the online liquor retailing industry throughout Australia over the past several years.

“We are delighted to have seen the Code set a major global precedent in establishing hard-coded standards around responsibility in the online liquor retailing space which have been enthusiastically adopted and embraced by industry.

“The standards first established by our Code have assumed an even greater degree of relevance in a post-COVID world given the significant growth in online liquor retailing experienced throughout extended periods of lockdown in a number of countries.

“We greatly look forward to the standards first enshrined in our Code being incorporated into the global standards to be rolled out in the coming months.”

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