By James Atkinson

A liquor retailer on Sydney's north shore is winning over consumers with its innovative online offering that is heavily focused on craft beer.

Geoff Huens and Richard Kelsey launched Beer Cartel in 2009, and have since set up a bricks and mortar headquarters for the online business at Porter's Liquor in Artarmon.

While it also sells wine and spirits, the shopfront's main focus is beer, with 300-plus bottled options available. Huens claims the store was Sydney's first to offer refillable growlers.

With almost 50 per cent of Australians now owning a smartphone, Beer Cartel recently enhanced its online offering to include a mobile-optimised ecommerce store.

"The previous platform was a bit clunky and only really allowed people to purchase by the case," Huens said.

"What the new platform allows is for people to buy single bottles and then make up a case just like they would in store." [continues below]

Beer Cartel: 'Sydney's first refillable growlers'

Huens said craft beer enthusiasts are always keen to experience new and different beers.

Typically they purchase a six-pack or case of a beer they already know they like, but will often assemble an additional six-pack of individual bottles to try.

Beer Cartel also has a 'beer club', which offers consumers the chance to sign up to receive either a six pack or 12 pack of several different beers each month.

"We've never repeated any of our beers in the three years we've been going."

"They get a booklet explaining the beers, the style, where it comes from and the history, and they're delivered to people's doors," Huens said.

"It's a very popular gift."

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