By James Atkinson

Sydney’s Chambers Cellars will soon become the fifth retailer to partner with Wineosphere, the innovative new iPhone application that promises “the ultimate wine app experience” for consumers.

Wineosphere brings together more than 22,000 independent wine reviews, information on where wines can be purchased and price comparisons, social sharing, exclusive deals and many other features.

Wineosphere has also partnered with Sydney banner group Porter’s Liquor, with an in-store guide to assist shoppers to search for wine by variety, food or reviews, as well as a Porter’s store finder.

Kemenys, WineStar and United Cellars have also come on board for online ordering with special deals for Wineosphere users.

Wineosphere business development manager Laura McManus told TheShout that Chambers Cellars is the latest retailer to confirm it will support the app, with other partners to be announced in the near future.

She said the tool enables bricks and mortar retailers to communicate digitally with their consumers, whose in-store purchases are made easier using the Wineosphere tools.

“It also enables interaction with the consumer in-store. If they’re standing there with the app open, you’ve got something to talk about,” she said.

Wineosphere and Porter’s are also trialling revolutionary iBeacon technology, which provides that whenever the app’s users enter a Porter’s store, a handy guide pops up to help quickly find a great wine and offer exclusive deals. 

Wineosphere is available to download free from the App Store now. 

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