By James Atkinson

A group of liquor retailers visiting the USA on the ALSA Study Tour has identified several findings relevant to their businesses in the Australian market.

As the study tour draws to a close, ALSA president Giuseppe Minissale said it was evident that in the US market, both suppliers and retailers were heavily focused on growth opportunities.

One of these was the 'Millenials' or Generation Y – an important group of younger generation adults whose needs, wants and tastes are very different to their predecessors. 

The retailers in the group all agreed that there was very little focus on these consumers in the Australian context.

"This year's trip has once again challenged our existing beliefs," Minissale said. 

"Whilst there are many aspects of the US market that are different to our own, the themes we have identified we can develop and bring back to Australia as learnings from the trip."

The Study Tour group will be presenting their findings at this year's ALSA Conference in Darwin in late August.

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